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    Hog wallows serve a couple of different purposes. They allow the hogs a place too cool off in the warmer months where they will lay and roll around in the mud for extended periods. Because of this wallows are an excellent place to hunt hogs during the warmer months and are often some of the only places they can be found out moving around during the daylight hours during the summer. Wallowing also allows them to cover their body in mud as a way to get rid of unwanted insects and parasites. It's not uncommon for wallows to have a distinctive smell to them as urinating and defecating in the wallow is also a normal part of their behavior.

    Some wallows may be small from a single hog in a bottom area

    Other wallows may be larger communal areas where it is obvious that they are frequently visited.

    Here is one at the shallow end of a pond that gets lots of use
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