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    Hunting with a firearm or bow is the most common form of hog hunting. In the past, shooting a hog was mostly incidental to deer hunting when it just happened to wander out while a hunter was sitting in their deer stand waiting on that big buck but today most are taken while hunting specifically for hogs. In this section we will attempt to cover most of the common tips and tricks to help make your hog hunt a successful one.

    As with most other types of hunting, preparation before the hunt can make the difference between bringing home the bacon or going home empty handed. You'll need to scout the area and check ...

    Setting up a feeder or putting out some dry corn on the ground next to a good trail is a sure way to get the hogs to mill around for a while until they eat all of the corn. Hogs are opportunistic feeders and will pretty much eat any time an easy meal is presented to them and they'll usually hang out there until ...

    If you're using a bow then this section doesn't pertain to you, since you'll obviously be using a bow and an arrow or maybe multiple arrows. However, if you're wanting to use a firearm and don't know what to choose then read on.

    By now you should have scouted the area, picked out where you're going to hunt, reviewed all of your game camera pictures, set out any baits and attractants and you're now in your stand or hunting spot waiting for the hogs to show ...

    Hogs are mostly nocturnal animals and will do most of their feeding and movement at night, even during the cooler months, so taking advantage of this is one of the most effective ways to hunt hogs. The two most common ways to do this is by spotlighting and using night vision.

    Spotlighting ...

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